Buying your Gown

10 things you should know (and do)…

1.Get a clear picture of what you would like your wedding to look like in your mind.

2. Try on the different silhouettes of gowns to find out what looks best on your figure.

3. Select the color and fabric of your gown.

4. Determine what features you want on your gown.

5. Accept help from knowledgeable and professional bridal consultants.

6. Be aware of traditions or religious guidelines that may influence how your gown should look.

7. Bring along someone whose opinion you trust and respect to help you in your search.

8. Make your decision.

9. Have your dress altered to match your exact figure.

10. Look for the final touches that will help you complete your gown and make your wedding day special.

With these ten tips in mind, your quest for your wedding gown should now be an exciting, fulfilling and wonderful experience. Have fun!